Coronavirus - Club Status

Help Us Help Ellie

(Updated May 2022)
All Classes - Up and Running (for Kids and Adults)
-New Starters-
-Always Welcome-

Please give what you can

Striking, Forms, Sparring,
Throwing, Self Defence,
Weapons, Cross Training Events,
Inter Club & International Competitions

Some Example Techniques

Punching / Striking Techniques
(Zuki / Ate Waza)

Kicking Techniques
(Keri Waza)

Joint Locking - Take-Down - Throwing Techniques
(Kansetsu Waza / Taoshi Waza / Nage Waza)

Self Defence
(Goshin Jutsu)

KKIDS - RSMA Cheif Instructor

Formally Known as
(Karate Kickboxing Intense Defence System)

We aim to help our students:

  • Improve Overall Health and Fitness
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Develop Self-Confidence and Discipline
  • Gain Self-Defence Skills
  • Compete in Competitions (Sparring & Forms)

Regular Classes From £5 (Per Session)
Payable every 4 Weeks (in advance)

New members are always welcome,
just come to any of our classes for a chat and see what we do

Club Membership Includes:

Lifetime Club Membership (One Time Fee)
Bespoke Club Suit With Embroidered Club Badge
Grading Book - Licence
First Years Insurance (Renewable Annually)
(Sparring Equipment Sold Separately)

About Us

We are a Yorkshire based club teaching the arts of Karate and Kickboxing in Huddersfield and Barnsley
Originally Founded in 2005 as K.K.I.D.S (Karate Kickboxing Intense Defence System) by Master Trevor Middleton
The Club changed to its new name Rising Sun Martial Arts in 2016

We teach the arts of Wado Ryu & Sport Karate and (American Style) Sport Kickboxing to adults and children (5 and above) of all levels and abilities
New members are always welcome, just come to any of our Classes for a chat and see what we do

Covid 19 Pandemic (Circa 2019)
Message from Master Middleton & The Team

"Hoping all our students and their families are keeping safe and well
and staying strong, for the duration of this Pandemic situation.
We will be back, better and stronger than before."
[M. T. Middleton - 2019]